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Autavia 73463 T
Reference: 73463
Serial number: 262191
Year: 1974/5
Movement: Valjoux 7734

I seems that the Silver dial didn’t appeal in the mid 70’ties, as only very few are around. If you Google Picture “Autavia 73463” only 3 with Silver dial will come up. You will find several pictures, but they are all of the same 3 watches!
This watch still has its Guarantee Booklet showing that it was purchased in Lugano May 21’st 1975.
The 73463 Silver is only featured in the 1974 Heuer Chronograph Catalogue.
The attractive dial colour is known from the Monaco 1533 G and some automatic Autavias and I think that it plays very nicely with the orange hands and the glossy black Corfam strap.

Autavia 73463 Silver - Face
Autavia 73463 Silver - Crown
Autavia 73463 Silver - Case back
Autavia 73463 Silver - Face-crown
Autavia 73463 Silver - Detail
Autavia 73463 Silver - Papers
Heuer Chronograph Catalog 1974 - page 22