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Monaco 1133 G
Reference: 1133
Serial number: 162712
Year: 1969/70
Movement: Calibre 11 I

There is something about Monaco’s that I cann’t resist, so although I am a Autavia man I couldn’t resist this watch when I saw it on a Swedish buy/sell site. The dial looks superb and the hands are the original ones where the lume is wider than the red stripe. The case wasn’t perfect but a trip to Abel in Belgium took care of that.
The dial has had seal melt as seen on lots of Monacos but it is something that you
don't see wearing the watch.
On the back is engraved R Happe 8/10 1970. It could be fun to find the story related to that, but Google could not help me.
The movement is an upgraded caliber 11, a so called 11 I.

Heuer Monaco 1133G face
Heuer Monaco 1133G crown side
Heuer Monaco 1133G - case
Heuer Monaco 1133G - movement