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You will find information and pictures about Heuer Autavia, Camaro, Carrera, Monaco, Monza, Silverstone, several stopwatches and Heuer accessories. Plus links to interesting Heuer sites.

It is not my intention to sell the watches, but on the other hand the collection is changing all the time, so if you are interested in a watch contact me on

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Watches with
RED frame are no longer in my collection.

A collection of Heuer:
The Autavia (Auto + Aviation) was the first range from Heuer that carried a name on the dial. It was introduced in 1962 and continued until the TAG era in 1985. In the beginning they had manual movements, but in 1969 came the revolutionary new calibre 11, the worlds first automatic chronograph.

Monaco - the most iconic of all Heuers. Jack W. Heuer was the first to introduce product placement in motor racing, so when Steve McQueen were filming "Le Mans" in 1970 he was presented with a box full of Heuers to chose from. Not many of the very flamboyant Monacos were sold back then, but now they are the most sought after vintage Heuer.

3646 H
7763 T
2446 H "Jochen Rindt"
1133 B "Transition"
1133 G
110.313 B - my first
110.313 B - my second
110.313 R
1163 T
Wrist worn

Bla bla bla

2446C MH
1163 MH "Derek Bell"
1163 T "Orange Boy"
11630 GMT
1163 T "Siffert"
3646 M
7863 MH Dato
15630 MH
73463 T
11630 PVD Abeltavia
11063 Diver 100
Silverstone - named after the famous English racetrack, was introduced in 1974 and came in 3 colors. Blue, red and fume (brown). As a proof of the quality of the design, in 2010 TAG Heuer reintroduced the Silverstone in a version that is very close to the original.

Other Heuers
Heuer 2443 V72
Heuer 12 "Champion"
Camaro 7220 NT/S
As you can see, although my collection is concentrated around Autavias, I have a few very nice Monacos and 3 x Silverstone have come and gone. But other Heuer wristwatches have passed my safe and they can be seen here.
Skipper 15640
Carrera 1553 S "NOS"
Professional 200
775.901 and 902

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